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Coatbridge Coldstore Construction is a division of R.A.Sneddon Limited
Coatbridge Coldstore Construction
is a division of R.A. Sneddon Limited
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R.A. Sneddon Ltd supply and manufacture flashings and doors in timber, plastic and metal, for use in various environments.

Our manufacturing efficiency enables R.A. Sneddon Ltd to compete not just in terms of quality but price as well.


Image of staff manufacturing R.A. Sneddon Ltd's products
Image of R.A. Sneddon staff manufacturing flashings and doors


All our flashings are made from top grade sheet metal including food safe Corus Stelvetite™ with anti-static properties with a stripable film, Corus Colourcoat HPS200™, aluminum tread plate, stainless steel, etc.  Our flashings are one of the final steps in any given project, finishing a building with a clean presentable image.


Manufactured and supplied to suit the clients requirements.

Specialist door types include:

  • High-tech doors
  • Sliding Chill doors/Freezer/Colstore doors
  • Fire resistant doors
  • Lightweight hinged and sliding doors
  • Polycarbonate personnel doors

Colourcoat, HPS200 and Stelvetite are registered trademarks of Corus.

Whitelaw House, 10 South Caldeen Road, Calder Street Enterprise Zone, Coatbridge ML5 4EG
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